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Sue deJesús, MA, MBS, CPC, CDRC, CCVC

70.3 Ironman World Champion

140.6 North American Ironman Champion

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Disaster Relief Coach

Certified Career and Vocational Coach

As a Life and Soul Healing Coach, and Counselor for approximately 30 years, I use a combination of techniques and methods both traditional and non-traditional to bring lasting peace and reconciliation to spirit, soul and body. 

My husband calls me the "Soul Doctor" and what I do as “Dr. Sue’s Transformation Station!” because miraculous transformations happen regularly in my sessions! 

My passion for true soul and body transformation comes from my own transformation from a shy, fear-bound, traumatized, intimidated-by-life individual into a caring, vibrant, bold, confident, peaceful, and joyful person. The fruit of this transformation equipped and propelled me to become a World Champion Ironman Triathlete! Inner reconciliation brings transformation to you and all your relationships.

I know from personal experience that it is possible to heal from past traumas and bad experiences and to now live in peace and tranquility! Calm inner waters allows you to tackle and achieve goals far beyond what you initially thought possible! You can be free from the limitations of your past to set yourself up for personal successes. I became a World Champion Triathlete by doing just that, leveraging my healing into outer successes. You can find out more of the details under Life Lessons.

I bring every successful technique and method I discovered in my own healing journey to you. Everything I experienced and learned gave me a unique ability to see beyond the surface of things into the deep waters below to the true cause and effect. I use a combination of assorted disciplines to coach you and I tailor each session to suit your particular needs, goals, and personal comfort with the different strategies I employ.  See the Services page for more information. 

I choose not to be licensed by the state, or any organization, or to work through insurance companies so that I have total freedom to use the therapies and methodologies I know will bring excellent resolution. This also affords me flexibility in the duration of a session.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday and some weekend afternoons. Two locations are available in addition to phone and Skype sessions. See my Contact page for further information. 

I have successfully coached numerous people over the years and you can read about what they have to say about me and my methods HERE

My approach is educational besides therapeutic. I will guide and teach you how you can do much of the healing work on your own. To answer basic questions you may have, look at the FAQ page. 

I am also available to give workshops and seminars on many topics that involve self-care, self-treatment, dream interpretation, and how to better get along with others through understanding basic personality types. See my currently available classes and workshops HERE

Check back monthly because I will be posting educational articles that will help you understand how you can put yourself in the driver's seat of your own health, healing and success journey! Find those articles HERE, and more are coming!

My desire and passion is to use lessons I've learned through my own experiences, besides formal knowledge and training to help you build the life you want. Dream Big! and Live Large!

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