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Life Coach, Counseling or Soul Healing or More?

All services and methods are used as needed, and in various combinations depending on 

the need and the comfort level of the Client with each modality. 

These services are for men, women and children. 

Life Coaching

A Life Coach helps you set and meet any type of personal goal for the present and into the future. I will guide you in setting specific, incremental, realistic  and achievable goals. You need life coaching if you are primarily looking to better your future by the process of accomplishing set goals. You may need strategies of mind or better organization to get and keep yourself motivated. Learning to establish healthy boundaries with others makes a huge difference in personal joy, satisfaction and happiness. Examples would be if you want to start a new exercise program, or lose weight, go back to school, or learn better boundary skills.

Soul Healing

A Soul Healer helps you eliminate emotional hurts, disappointments, depressions, wounds, injustices and traumas of past experiences that are affecting the present. You need soul healing if you have been traumatized, or if you carry a lot of anger about injustices you have suffered, or carry guilt and anxiety over events in the past that keep you from feeling free and happy in the present. 80% of chronic illnesses have their roots in retained negative emotions and thoughts of the soul. All this is under your own control, yet most people don't know how to change how they respond to life. I can equip you in making those changes. 


A Counselor helps you complete unresolved aspects from the past that are affecting your present and future. You need counseling if your present is being compromised by unresolved past issues with authority figures, parents, step-parents, siblings, spouses, boundary breaking people, etc. You find the same issues keep cropping up and causing conflict in your relationships. This will surely negatively affect your present and future. Examples would be if your parenting style is being affected by how you were parented and you want to change it; or if you react to your boss in a way you want to change. You may want to learn better communication skills or more effective interactive strategies. 

Dream Interpretation

We receive many beneficial messages from dreams but only if we know what they mean. There are healing dreams, warning dreams, instructive dreams and destiny dreams to mention a few. Most dreams have a resonating message that takes a little work to uncover, but the time spent is well worth it.

Dream symbolism is unique to each person because it is based on your own life experiences. This is why a dream dictionary will not give you the best understanding! A dog in a dream to a person who loves dogs can mean something good, while a dog in a dream to a person who has been traumatized by a dog can mean something threatening. Famous or familiar people are usually not literal, but symbolic and usually represent a stand out quality that you admire.

Dream interpretation is an art that needs wisdom and insight to arrive at the understanding that is most beneficial to you. You will have an ahHa! experience when the correct interpretation shows up. The message will feel right and you will know how to apply the message.

Dreams have a way of fading away if not recorded so keep a  journal close by and write them down right away. 

I have a format I like to follow to record dreams that will help with interpretation. 

Meridian Tapping & Mind Re-patterning

Research now shows that the effects of the thoughts of the mind along with our emotions have a profound affect on what we feel in our physical body, which in turn either promotes gene expression or silences it either toward health or toward dis-ease. Therapy that deliberately explores this connection gives results so much faster that it can confound the imagination!

Imagine a life not hindered by depression, physical ailments, terrors, stress, guilt or fears. Combination therapies like this yield superior results.

It turns out that 80% of diseases and conditions of the body have something to do with this mind-body connection. This is good news in that it gives each person more control over what continues to play out in the body. 

The body serves the mind and most of the time only reflects thoughts patterns that are continually playing in the mind recorded from our past. It's been scientifically proven that if a person continually focuses their thoughts on the negative side, that the neural connections become stronger and grow in size. 

The same is true with a positive focus. It is possible to rewrite these scripts in the mind and change the body as a result. As we think our thoughts and feel our feelings our bodies create powerful biochemicals that are unleashed and circulate to our organs toward either health or dis-ease. You have control over where you place and hold your thoughts and emotions. Like any new skill it will take concerted focus at first until habits are formed and new neural pathways are established. 

Meridian Tapping combined with Mind Re-patterning techniques quickly overwrites painful and troublesome old scripts that continue to be recycled in our minds. Memories become a mere record of what happened minus all the painful emotions attached to and contained in the event. Quite remarkable!

Now there is so much more known about the meridian communication system of the body, faster than even nerves! Tapping on them activates them in unique and healing ways especially when combined with knowledge of how the brain works in storing and retrieving memories, and creating triggers through all our senses. The mind continues to draw upon these established thought patterns to make sense of our present life, but not always in helpful ways! 

Through the combination of Tapping and Mind Re-patterning techniques, it is possible to rewire the brain so that bad experiences and conclusions are collapsed of their painful emotional content and overwrite them with messages of safety, peace and calm. After all, you are here, and no longer there; you survived, and you are safe now! The problem can be that parts of your brain don’t realize the war and threats are over! 

You don’t have to be held captive to what happened to you in the past. You can intentionally change your thought patterns.

Client Successes for 

Dream Interpretation, 

Meridian Tapping and Soul Healing

Dream Interpretation Client

I had a significant dream that perplexed me for days, I knew it was important to understand it’s meaning but had a hard time interpreting it. My mentor, who previously worked with Sue, highly recommended I reach out to her because she was great at dream interpretations.

As soon as I reached out to Sue, she quickly made time and space for me to share some background about the season of life I’d been in and the dream I had. After our call, she spent time interpreting my dream then quickly got back to me with its meaning. The interpretation was spot on, deeply resonated with me, and helped me get through tough circumstances.

Sue brings light, clarity, professionalism, and wisdom in a time of need. Since then, I’ve referred a good friend of mine to Sue and will continue to do so!!  MT

Meridian Tapping Client

I came to Sue with a physical problem and wasn't sure what was causing it to linger. I had been taking medication for it and it still wasn't resolving. We began tapping on the physical issue and Sue identified low level stress as the root cause. As I thought about what it could be I realized I carried emotional hurt stemming from a particular incident with my children. We Tapped on that aspect and in very short order, less than 30 minutes, I had complete healing from both the emotions and my physical symptoms. I felt clean inside and energized afterward.  CD

Meridian Tapping Client

Diagnosed with PTSD years ago, as well as having sustained two severe head injuries, I struggle with sensory and information overload. Meridian Tapping is proving to be an effective remedy. It is a simple technique, easily applied, and its effects are immediate.  JB

Soul Healing Client

Sue DeJesus’ approach is authentic and she will guide you through your personal journey to a place of healing. My sessions were paced to allow time to process and approach the emotions and issues I wanted to explore. Her calm demeanor and ability to connect with what I needed at the time made each interaction productive. Her methods of healing were exactly the path I was looking for.  SW

Soul Healing Client

Sue has helped me become a stronger more peace-filled person with practical loving boundaries. If you are seeking True help and desire Real peace and Hope for Your future life; then go see Sue. She gives life changing, practical sound advice; and wisdom that you can apply to begin to change and heal. I truly wish I could pick up the phone for you to call her to receive the help you need ; but that part is up to YOU. She has been my answer to prayer and I know she will be yours as well.  MB

To read about many​ more success stories, look HERE.

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