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Group Classes

Minimum group size is 4-5 people.

Gather your friends and contact me at 804.833.7989, I can also come to you!

Price is $45 per person for a 60 minute class. Call for my 3-4 hour workshop price for in-depth training.

Getting Along With Others

By Understanding Basic Personality Differences

While we are complex beings, and our personality is made up of many dimensions, it is possible to classify a person into a primary and secondary personality blend "home" that gives us enough information to help us establish and nourish excellent relationships and better understand one another. 

Taking this Class prepares you to:

  1. Get along better with others through identifying the major differences in motivations and values that each personality type cherishes.
  2. Come to appreciate the beauty of our differences and know how to better build relationship through understanding these differences. 
  3. Develop better strategies for navigating the danger zones of conflict.

  4. Learn the best way to approach each personality type. 

Boundaries with Others!

Are YOU a boundary breaker? 

Do OTHERS overstep YOUR boundaries?

What are Boundaries anyway? 

Why are boundaries VITAL to good relationships & personal happiness?

Taking this class will prepare you to:

  1. Define what personal boundaries looks like.
  2. Identity the guiding principles of healthy boundaries.
  3. Identify why you are afraid to say no to others.
  4. Implement strategies for handling the consequences of boundaries.
  5. Learn how boundaries prevent your treasures from being taken by others.

Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose!

What do you love to do? What are your strengths? 

What do other's appreciate about you? 

What does the world need? 

Answer these questions and you'll find your Purpose!

Taking this class will help you to: 

1. Identify your passion and strengths. 

2. Define your purpose and how that meets the needs of others.

3. Learn how to my choices that align with your purpose.

Basic Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is an art form! We receive many beneficial messages from dreams but only if we know what they mean. There are healing dreams, warning dreams, instructive dreams and destiny dreams to mention a few. Most dreams have a resonating message that takes a little work to uncover, but the time spent is well worth it.

Taking this class will help you to:

  1. Learn how your dreams can carry instructions and warnings..
  2. Learn basic dream interpretation skills. 
  3. Identify personal symbols that are unique to you. 
  4. Why books won't help much in understanding your dreams
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