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Client Comments

I am tremendously blessed and fortunate to regularly witness miraculous transformations!


If life feels like a big, overwhelming, tangled up ball of a mess.....then Sue deJesus is the person to talk with! She has a unique way of “untangling “ life's’ issues. Her kind and compassionate approach is refreshing and without judgment. She helped me see and identify areas in my life that were hindering my forward movement in my pursuit of a fulfilled life. Thank you Sue for giving me the tools to better understand how to live life rather than react to life and get tangled up. The peace and freedom are priceless!!


I have worked with Sue deJesus off and on over the years. I have been a recipient of her wisdom and counsel in many areas in my life, such as marriage, children, vocation, abuse, and overall maturation as an individual. Understanding that matters of the heart can be wrought with strong emotional attachments, her approach to instructive healing are met with sensitivity and practicality. She has keen insight to be able to ask the right questions to unmask symptomatic beliefs or behaviors, drawing out underlying issues. She has always taken an interest in my overall well-being, which was demonstrated by her genuine sincerity and follow up. As I have referred many to her for various matters of life, I have learned that her counsel offers methods which suit the individual and not a textbook ‘one size fits all’ approach. I believe her to be an asset to the industry and recommend her as a life coach or counselor. 


I had PTSD from living in a dangerous city in another country for several years. Once back in the states whenever I heard news and saw images from there I was really bothered by it. I was having flashbacks and finding it hard to sleep well. It started to interfere with my life so someone recommended that I see Sue. I saw her only three times and everything that had been bothering me just disappeared, evaporated, went away! These days the thought of these things never even comes to my mind. I’ve been able to completely move on with my life as if these things never even happened! Anonymous


Sue DeJesus’ approach is authentic and she will guide you through your personal journey to a place of healing. My sessions were paced to allow time to process and approach the emotions and issues I wanted to explore. Her calm demeanor and ability to connect with what I needed at the time made each interaction productive. Her methods of healing were exactly the path I was looking for. 


Sue has helped me become a stronger more peace-filled person with practical loving boundaries. If you are seeking True help and desire Real peace and Hope for Your future life; then go see Sue. She gives life changing, practical sound advice; and wisdom that you can apply to begin to change and heal. I truly wish I could pick up the phone for you to call her to receive the help you need ; but that part is up to YOU..She has been my answer to prayer and I know she will be yours as well.


As a teen age gang boy growing up in foster homes on the mean streets of East Bronx NYC, then going straight into the military and doing a tour in Vietnam only to come back to experience the murder of my wife and oldest son, you can imagine that I accumulated quite a bit unfinished business. Rejection, trauma, grief, wounds, hurts. Yet I consider myself fortunate to have come to know about the healing work that Sue does, because one by one I was able to have closure and healing of things I thought I could never change or resolve. Whether it was anger, unforgiveness, regrets, mistakes, or just poor life choices Sue always had an answer that would have me leaving feeling a whole lot better than before our sessions. I wish my brother and best friend knew about her- they came back from Vietnam but they didn’t survive. That’s why I recommend her to everyone I know. I’d be glad to talk to anyone about the effectiveness and permanence of what Sue does. 


Diagnosed with PTSD years ago, as well as having sustained two severe head injuries, I struggle with sensory and information overload. Meridian Tapping is proving to be an effective remedy. It is a simple technique, easily applied, and its effects are immediate.


I have had a fear of birds for more than 50 years. It stemmed from me being forced to watch the movie- The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock when I was 5 yrs. old- my sister was baby- sitting. That night my brother and sister had nightmares, but I couldn’t sleep at all. I didn’t want to have a nightmare. From that time until healing occurred I never dreamed and would have anxiety if a bird was in hearing or sight. This fear affected all areas of my life. One time I was getting ready to leave the house, when a flock of bird came flying by- I turned around and went inside the house where I stayed all day for fear of coming across that flock of black birds. If a bird was on the pavement, I would cross the street to avoid it. 

My friends all knew this. There were three incidents at work that involved birds: one time a pigeon got into the cloak closet at the back of my classroom. I saw it fly by and told a student to go back and close the door. I then took my class to the hallway until they removed the bird. 

Another time, I was teaching preschool students who were deaf. My classroom was in the middle of two other classrooms and we shared half walls. A teacher brought a wounded bird to the teacher on my right. I hear it flapping and freaked out. I told the teacher she had to remove the bird or I was leaving my class with her. They didn’t believe me and brought the bird to the classroom behind my back. I freaked out and pulled my neck muscle- my common response to hearing or seeing a bird fly by. 

The latest incident involved a bird that came into the school cafeteria area. I was walking down the hall towards the cafeteria to go to another classroom when I spotted something fly by. I asked a student and they confirmed there was a bird in the cafeteria. I turned around and went back to my classroom and closed the door. I called the other teacher and said I would not be coming down. 

Then one time I was meeting with Sue and mentioned my fear and dislike of birds. She asked me questions and got to the root of the problem. She prayed with me and immediately, the fear left and I was free. 

I didn’t tell any of my friends what happened but they noticed the change. One day I was walking with two friends and there was a bird on the pavement by me. I just keep walking and my friend asked what changed- she was totally surprised that I didn’t crunch my neck and cross the street. I told her I was healed and now birds don’t bother me. I even say good morning to them and have a bird nest in the beam of the balcony above my patio. 

It is wonderful to be free and I can’t thank Sue enough for helping me gain the freedom from fear. 


If you are seeking sound counseling, your search can be over. I was in a situation and truly at my wits end. I had heard from reliable sources that I should reach out to Sue and would not be disappointed. Let’s just say, I did just that and was in no way disappointed. The session was not a forced one. She didn’t make any assumptions. She passionately listened, asked the next question and made recommendations. When I left the session, I felt like a weight had been lifted off me and had information to continue my journey!


I had a significant dream that perplexed me for days, I knew it was important to understand it’s meaning but had a hard time interpreting it. My mentor, who previously worked with Sue, highly recommended I reach out to her because she was great at dream interpretations.

As soon as I reached out to Sue, she quickly made time and space for me to share some background about the season of life I’d been in and the dream I had. After our call, she spent time interpreting my dream then quickly got back to me with its meaning. The interpretation was spot on, deeply resonated with me, and helped me get through tough circumstances.

Sue brings light, clarity, professionalism, and wisdom in a time of need. Since then, I’ve referred a good friend of mine to Sue and will continue to do so!! MT


My husband and I went to Sue and Carlos hoping to get an infusion of ideas of how to handle some issues that had developed over the return home of our adult son. After discussing our individual ideas of how to deal with the developing problems within our home, Sue and Carlos were generous, nonjudgmental and non confrontational with their views and offered suggestions of how to approach and talk the problems that arose with dealing with our son. They even gave us contact information and a reference to a licensed counselor for our son, which has helped him. Sue and Carlos provided a safe environment for help and guidance.


I have survived an unusual amount of abuse, trauma, grief, and pain during my lifetime. Survived, yes, but bearing the marks of this upon my body and soul--it changes you. It changes how you view your world and yourself, how you react to people and circumstances. It affects your relationships. It makes you vulnerable to addictions. 

Sue DeJesus is uniquely equipped with a skill set that enables her to address these issues, leading me to soul healing. During the span of her care, I've experienced lasting results, soul transformation and mind renewal. Her methods and techniques are transfiguring the way I view my world and myself, the ways I react, and the way I sustain healthy relationships.

I am no longer addicted to overeating. Traumatic triggers occur less and less. I have no words to express my deepest gratitude and admiration for Sue DeJesus.

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