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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens In A Session?

What does a typical session look like?

I bring a unique combination of all of my education, experience, senses, skills and abilities to each appointment. This helps me come to an insightful understanding of the root causes, and recommend the steps and methods best suited to bring you resolution.

I listen to the description of your personal situation and what outcome you desire, and what you have already done on your own to solve the situation. Once I have an understanding of what is going on, I will give you input and guide you in the steps that are needed to bring resolution.

I use techniques that each person is comfortable with from focused visioning, praying, meridian tapping, reprogramming thought patterns, and locating beliefs and conclusions about the given matter to find the truth and resolution.

How Long Is A Session?

The first session will take 90 minutes up to two hours. This allows us to thoroughly go over what you need and start to outline the work necessary to find resolution, and begin the process as time allows.

The second session and beyond allow 60 to 75 minutes. 

How do I make an appointment?

Fill out the information under Contact .  I see people in person at my two office locations in addition to phone or Skype appointments. 

How Much Does It Cost?​

The first session is $150 for up to 120 minutes, thereafter it is $100 for up to 75 minutes.

I also have a small scholarship fund to draw upon should someone want my services but is truly unable to pay the full price. Proof of need is required and taken on a case-by-case basis. 

Since my main objective is to equip you to do much of the work outside of our appointments, investing in your own health and well being will be a relatively short term process.

Is Insurance Accepted?

I do not accept insurance.

I choose not to be licensed by the state, or any organization, or to work through insurance so I have total freedom to use the therapies and methodologies I know will bring excellent resolution, and also to have flexibility in the duration of a session.

What payment methods?

You may pay by check or cash or any other mutually determined way.


Do you help kids and teens?

Besides adults, I have worked with children as young as 9, teenagers, and young adults.

I prefer to start with a parent present until everyone is comfortable, then see the child separately, unless the child always wants a parent present

Do you do couples therapy?

Yes. I always start with both present. When needed each person will then be seen separately.

If a man is more comfortable with seeing a male for counsel, my husband also does Life Coaching and Counseling. As a couple we often meet together with couples or families.

An additional fee is charged when the two of us come to a session. 

Where are you located?

I have an office at my home in the Lakeside area very near Bryan Park and Highway 95, and I share office space off of Brook Road near Bellevue Avenue on the North side of Richmond.

My office address will be texted to you when you set your appointment.

Skype and Telephone appointments are also available.

What are your hours?

Hours are by appointment only.

While hours at my home office are fairly flexible with morning, afternoon, and early evening hours available during the week and in special cases on designated Saturday and Sunday afternoons, my secondary location at Brook & Bellevue has only afternoon hours on Wednesdays and Fridays.

How often do I come?

Resolution comes differently to each person. At first weekly or every 10 days brings good continuity and more consistent results.

Appointments get spread out as you learn to do the work on your own, and then you only come when you need extra help or run into something new that you haven’t been able to yet resolve or the prospect is too frightening.

I don’t consider what I do long term care. Resolution comes in a matter of seconds and minutes, or weeks and months, instead of years to a life time. How motivated a person is to find relief and resolution and their willingness to do what it takes to get resolution will more determine the length of time than any other factor.

My goal is to help you help yourself, to put the responsibility for your own wellness into your own hands, and equip you to do the necessary work. Some issues are best processed with a skilled and insightful practitioner, and I will always be available to help walk you through those tough places.  

Any special instructions?

Deep and focused work can be emotionally tiring. This is normal. Plan to take extra rest or take a nap when you get home. It can also be exhilarating when breakthroughs come. Most people exclaim how light they feel when resolution comes.

It is very helpful to have a clear idea of what you want to work on. “I want to feel better” though valid, is not specific enough. “I want to get to the bottom of why I am so angry with my children when they leave dishes in the sink!” is much more specific and will be an easy place to start working. 

How will I know when I don't need to come anymore?

Our lives are very complex!

Once people find true resolution to a nagging problem that sets them free to pursue life on their own terms, I become a resource for only when they need additional help.

Because my approach is also educational, I teach all my Clients how to do self-healing work so they can process most small issues on their own as things come up, reserving only the highly charged elements to process together. Or they set an appointment when they feel stuck and haven't fully found peaceful resolution on their own.

I see many people on a monthly basis to give them time to work on implementing healing strategies and gentle accountability. 

Carlos DeJesus, DD, CLC, CC

Medical Exercise Therapist,

Life Coach & Counselor

Undefeated, Natural for Life Bodybuilding World Champion

In his life coaching and counseling work Carlos draws on powerful lessons and inventions like his complete wooden gym, one machine with a United States patent and life-changing affirmations he used to overcome tremendous obstacles which catapulted him into his 1985 Natural-for-life professional World Bodybuilding championship win.

He draws on 60 years of discipline in the fitness world, and his published works “Natural Instinctive Training, Muscle & Strength System, Turbo Fat Loss System that help and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

He shares with others the keys and secrets that made him a World Champion. These systems have taken average, Working Class people and transformed them into drug-free champions both physically and spiritually. Carlos is the only Medical Exercise Therapist in Virginia. Daily he helps average people accomplish their fitness and therapeutic goals.

You can watch him on his web site Click on “My Story” to read all the details of his life and watch a short motivational video. You can also read more at his blog site,

For work with couples, I bring in my husband for the first meeting. For those clients who then prefer to work with a male, he is available. Click HERE to contact him. 

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